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Questions Customers Often Ask

How Soon Can You Start The Work?

We will always try to get over within a few days of first contact to assess the job and quote.  Time spent on the type of job can last as little as a few hours or as long as several weeks.

What Is The Benefit Of You Having Insurance?

Our insurance covers any rare but unexpected problem issues that could arise from the work we carry out. You do not need to worry, you and we are covered.

Do I Need To Be Home When You Work?

This normally isn’t necessary, provided we don’t need to go through the house for access. We are used to entering the garden directly and working without disturbing you.

Will You Remove Waste Debris From The Property?

Yes we do (and we hold a waste carriers licence). We will normally dicuss this with you when we quote.

Do I Need A permit For Tree Work To Be Done?

Some types of work do require a permit but that’s something we can arrange for you or advise you about if you want to obtain the relevant permit yourself.

Can Tree Surgeons Work In The Rain?

Yes, and we regularly do. Rain will not normally stop tree services, though there have been rare occasions when severe weather has delayed work for safety reasons.

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