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A Beautiful Finish With Bark And Wood Chippings

Bark and wood chips are an often underrated addition to a garden. There are many ways that they can be used and they are affordable, sustainable and easy to get hold of. Surprisingly more gardeners don’t use them. There are several different types with different characteristics and different textures in the case of Bark.

Wood chippings are used to broadly cover areas where grass may not be appropriate. For example, around play areas or under trees. We chippings are also helpful because they can help suppress weeds so using them under shrubs and bushes is useful.

Some Uses For Wood And Bark Chippings

Here are a few of the ways in which chippings can be used:

Meandering paths – woodchip paths snaking their way through woodland or around the garden can be beautiful. Dry underfoot they can easily be laid and woodchip parts are a speciality of ours.

Classy bark chips – the look of quality bark chipping is very appealing. They are darker than wood chippings and therefore add great textural contrast to, for example, foliage. Added to a garden or ornamental plot, these materials really bring a touch of class.

Patio areas – the block paving for a patio is a right or too expensive, in a nice area can be created using wood chippings or bark. This can give a very natural feel to a garden area for tables and chairs. Peaceful seating areas can be enhanced with chippings.

There are more uses depending on the garden and we’d be happy to discuss them with you

Greenleaf Tree & Property Services have a lot of experience with laying paths and other areas using both bark and wood chippings.  Based on experience, we’re also happy to offer thoughts on how you might use them in your garden – just ask. We still enjoy the look of a freshly laid chipping area and know from experience the attractiveness they can bring.

Where Are We?

Greenleaf Tree & Property Services offer bark and wood chip laying across Southeast Wales. Although based in Cardiff we also operate around Newport, Cardiff, Caerphilly, Barry & Newport. We’ve also delivered bark and chip laying services in the countryside and in outlying communities.

Why Call Us?

As a family-run local business since 2008, Greenleaf Tree & Property Services enjoy working with South Wales communities and has particularly strong connections to local suppliers for the best quality materials. We can source bark and woodchip for you as well as lay a path, other area or seating sections to your garden.

We believe we are competitively priced for bark and wood chips and our local team will not be far from you. If you would like an area laid with bark and wood chipping then we’d love to hear from you.

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