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Residential fence or shed painting is a quick and cost-effective way to give a new look to the outside of your home while also adding value to your property. A fresh coat of paint or one of several other finishes can transform the look of your wooden fence or wooden garden shed. Not only does the repaint look good but it also helps protect your wooden structures from weather and lengthens their lifespans.

The green leaf fence or shed painting service is, we believe, top-notch. We use only high-quality paint or other sealant lacquer or weathering surface. These are specifically designed for outdoor wooden surfaces. Our team has years of experience and takes care to ensure a great finish to your fence or shed every time.

Expert Fence And Shed Painting Services

An important part of painting an outdoor wooden structure is taking the time to properly prep each service before the painting begins. This may include sanding, priming and filling any cracks TO ensure a smooth and even finish. Naturally, we do this while also taking care to protect the landscape and other surrounding areas while we work.

As well as being an important visual part of the garden, offence or shed is an investment and you want to make sure you protect it. With our service, you can have confidence that your friends or shed will be well protected and looked good for years to come. Why not contact us today to schedule an appointment to assess your fence or shed? Let us help you bring your garden woodwork back to life.

Where Are We?

Our residential garden painting services are available across Southeast Wales at Greenleaf Tree & Property Services. Our business is located in Cardiff, but we also serve the surrounding areas such as Newport, Caerphilly, Barry and Newport.

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Our family-run business has been providing garden services to our local communities since 2008. We offer the most cost-effective garden painting services in Southeast Wales because we are close to the communities. As a top-notch painting company, we use high-quality wood finishes and the latest techniques and equipment. We also strive to maintain very competitive prices. You can count on our local team to paint, seal, or lacquer fences, sheds, and other wooden garden structures near you.


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