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Revive Your Pathway with A Pressure Wash

If you’re tired of looking at dirty, grimy patios or pathways then it could be a good time to consider our Cardiff pressure washing service. Not only can pressure washing help to improve the appearance of your outdoor space and it can also help to extend the life of your patio and pathway. It does this by removing built-up dirt and grime that can cause damage over time.

Our jet wash service uses high-powered streams of water to effectively remove dirt, stains and other debris from the external surface of your path, patio or driveway. In large part, this can help restore the original colour and shine which will make your stonework look like new again.

Get A Like-New Pathway With Power Cleaning

Jet washing can often also help remove potential safety hazards. For example, if your parcel patio has a lot of mould or algae growing on it, the surface can become slippery. Slippery surfaces lead to problems! By pressure washing away this kind of growing debris, you can have confidence that your outdoor parcel patio is safer to use.

Greenleaf’s pressure washing service is a quick, safe and efficient way to thoroughly clean your outdoor path or patio. You may be quite surprised at the difference an experienced jet wash can make to tired stonework and concrete.

So if you’re ready to give your paths and patios a fresh start please get in touch with Greenleaf.

Where Are We?

Greenleaf Tree & Property Services offers pressure washing services for paths, patios, and drives throughout Southeast Wales. In addition to Newport, Cardiff, Caerphilly, Barry & Newport, we also provide services in the surrounding communities.

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We are a family-run property service business serving our local communities since 2008. Our company is conveniently located in Southeast Wales, and we are committed to delivering the best jet-washing results at the lowest cost. Providing safe and secure property services is one of our specialties. In order to provide a top-quality path and patio pressure washing service, we employ the latest techniques and have all the necessary equipment. In addition, we strive to keep our rates competitive in order to avoid being undercut. For pathways, patios, and drives that need to be cleaned quickly, efficiently, and safely, our local team will be happy to help.

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Revitalise Your Patio & Paths With Pressure Washing

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